26/03/2020 8:55 AM AEDT

Love Island's Olivia Attwood Says Being 'Contained' In Villa Was 'Worse' Than Coronavirus Isolation

The reality star said there was "more control" when she was locked up on the ITV2 show.

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Love Island star Olivia Attwood has claimed being “contained” in the villa was “worse” than coronavirus isolation.

The reality star, who appeared on the third series of the ITV2 show in 2017, said she found living in the luxury Mallorcan residence with no contact with the outside world harder than the current lockdown situation in the UK. 

Olivia Attwood on Love Island

Speaking to the MailOnline, Olivia said: “The only thing I can compare this to is Love Island. We were more contained, there was more control. In the villa, you couldn’t call anyone or go for a walk. If anything, it was worse because I couldn’t speak to any of my family or go on my phone.

“Obviously there was a big cast and they were constantly playing games with us so we never really got the chance to be bored. It was hot and there was a swimming pool, but we were contained.”

She continued: “Right now I can speak to my genuine friends and I’m not just stuck with a bunch of strangers. You couldn’t call anyone or go for a walk – but with coronavirus, you can walk outside your front door as long as you’re in the guidelines.

“You can make whatever food you want and have a glass of wine, whereas in Love Island you ate when you were told to eat and you had minimal alcohol.”

Olivia was in a relationship with Chris Hughes during her time on the ITV2 reality show

However, Olivia, who is now a regular on The Only Way Is Essex, says she is “nervous” about the coronavirus pandemic. 

“It’s everything, not having any routine, not knowing if it’s going to be three weeks or three months,” she said. “I’m not good with not being mentally busy, so I am worried about it.” 

Love Island is due to return to ITV2 in the summer, but there has been much speculation as to whether the series will go ahead due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Originally, ITV had planned to air two series of the hit reality show in 2020 following record-breaking ratings last year, with its first-ever winter run concluding last month. 

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