29/10/2015 11:53 PM AEDT | Updated 30/10/2015 12:15 AM AEDT

James Bond And Your Last Boyfriend Would Be Terrible Spies For The Same Reason

According to MI6: The relationship experts.

"We'll call you." --MI6

Top officials at the British Secret Intelligence Service, or MI6, know that the new James Bond flick, "Spectre," out Nov. 6, will prompt a flurry of new applicants. They also know the job wouldn't be a great fit for someone like Bond, a lonely misogynist with a drinking habit. 

Why? He lacks emotional intelligence

"James Bond would probably not be successful in joining SIS, if he were to apply," an intelligence source told BuzzFeed. Despite all his stealth and cunning, the storied spy likely wouldn't thrive at the agency because he can't empathize well with others.

MI6 actually launched a new initiative to coincide with the release of the movie and to fend off any who idolize Bond, emphasizing the "human side" of the intelligence trade. Whether they're fresh out of Cambridge or Oxford or simply harbor an interest in world affairs, the agency is looking for recruits who are good with people.

"Teamwork is central to SIS’s ability to deliver intelligence, and heroes working alone rarely achieve much," the source told BuzzFeed.

Yet the question remains: Would a successful MI6 spy text you back within a reasonable amount of time?


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