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Magda Szubanski Doing Classic 'Look At Moiye' With Jacinda Ardern Is Our Bedtime Gift

The Kath & Kim star recorded a hilarious video with Jacinda Ardern.

In her short time as New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern has rubbed shoulders with everyone from Donald Trump to Meghan Markle and the Queen, but she’s probably never had a moment quite like this.

Magda Szubanski, aka Sharon Strzelecki from Kath & Kim, managed to grab the world’s youngest female head of government in Auckland for some impromptu impressions from the Aussie TV classic.

“Okay, here I am with Jacinda Ardern. Jacinda, look at moiye,” the comedian told the Kiwi PM in the clip shared on Instagram.

Proving she’s a fan of the show, Arden responded, “I’m so glad you did the line”.

Kath and Kim first hit our TV screens in 2002, bringing us characters such as Kel Knight, Brett Craig and of course Kath Day-Knight and Kim Craig, meaning that Ardern would have been just 22 years old when it first aired.

However fans have still been enjoying the cult comedy on Netflix, which launched on the streaming service in Australia in July this year.

Here’s a classic clip reminding everyone why the shenanigans of Kath and Kim have kept fans entertained for over 15 years.

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