23/03/2016 1:43 AM AEDT

6 Must-Watch YouTube Makeup Tutorials For Asian Eyes

Accentuate your facial features with these brilliant beauty tips.

A woman's makeup routine is largely defined by her specific needs and concerns. Whether it's finding the perfect foundation for dark skin or learning how to cover a pimple without anyone noticing, you can achieve any look with the right tools and techniques. This statement certainly rings true for people of Asian descent.  

Each individual's face is uniquely different, however there are largely shared experiences when it comes to applying makeup to Asian eyes, particularly women with monolids (eyelids with no crease) and thin, short eyelashes. But if there's anything we've learned from the YouTube tutorials below, it's that you don't have to take extreme measures such as plastic surgery to emphasize your natural beauty.

Check out the six makeup tutorials for Asian eyes below, including how to layer fake eyelashes to make smaller eyes appear bigger and the secret to a dramatic cat-eye for narrower eyelids. 

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