10/08/2020 3:04 PM AEST | Updated 14/09/2020 9:01 PM AEST

The Masked Singer Australia Clues: Who Is The Echidna?

The guessing game continues as the clues reveal this celebrity only knows "one way to go".

Channel 10
The Echidna on 'The Masked Singer Australia'

Season Two of ‘The Masked Singer’ is returning to Australian screens this year, with 12 mystery celebrities set to sing their hearts out and get viewers guessing as to who they are.

Hoping to follow in 2019 winner Cody Simpson’s footsteps, each of these stars will hide behind a dozen new masks. Competing for the title this year is The Dragonfly, The Frillneck, The Echidna, The Hammerhead, The Queen, The Kitten, The Wizard, The Cactus, The Goldfish, The Bushranger, The Puppet and The Sloth.

Update: The Echidna on ‘The Masked Singer Australia’ has been unmasked: It’s Mark Philippoussis. 

The guessing game continues with the clue for The Echidna.

“I only know one way to go... pedal to the metal from start to finish,” a male voice says in the clue shared by Channel 10. 

It’s worth watching the video for The Echidna because there appear to be more clues embedded within it. For starters, the celebrity behind the mask has a baby’s cot by his side that has a cat in it, while five record disks are on his other side.  He also sprints across a race track which could suggest he’s a runner with an Olympic record? And they have a pet kitten? 

Some viewers have shared their guesses on Instagram, with F1 race car driver Daniel Ricciardo amongst them. Sorry to disappoint, but it probably isn’t Dan as he’s competing overseas and the show is being filmed in Australia as we speak. 

Another guess is Grant Denyer. The father-of-two is a former V8 Supercar driver and holds five Guinness World Records

Jono Searle via Getty Images
Grant Denyer arrives at the 61st Annual TV WEEK Logie Awards at The Star Gold Coast on June 30, 2019 on the Gold Coast, Australia.

One fan went down the musical route, suggesting former ‘Australian Idol’ contestant Shannon Noll could be the celeb.

“Shannon Noll? He has had 5 top ten albums, just had a baby, had a song called drive which could relate to pedal to the metal, and the race could represent him always coming second ??? Haha. Long shot but you never know,” they wrote. 

The Echidna will be going up against The Queen on Monday August 10 when the show premieres.  

Who Are The Celebrities On The Masked Singer?

The Echidna: Mark Philippoussis

The Hammerhead: Michael Bevan  

The Goldfish: Christine Anu

The Sloth: Katie Noonan

The Dragonfly: Sophie Monk 

The Wizard: Isaiah Firebrace

The Cactus: Lucy Durack

The Kitten: Julia Morris 

The Puppet: Simon Pryce 

The Frillneck: Eddie Perfect: 

The Queen: Kate Miller-Heidke

The Bushranger: Bonnie Anderson

Who Are The Masked Singer Judges? 

This year singer Dannii Minogue, comedian Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes and radio host Jackie O will return as judges. Joining them on the panel is comedian Urzila Carlson who replaces previous judge Lindsay Lohan. 

Channel 10
'The Masked Singer' judges Dannii Minogue, Urzila Carlson, host Osher Gunsberg and judges Dave Hughs and Jackie O

Where exactly is The Masked Singer from? 

The Masked Singer first aired in South Korea back in 2015, and since then it has sparked spin-off versions across 17 other countries, including Australia. 

Currently hosted by local media personality Gim Seong-ju, South Korea’s version is actually called King of Mask Singer and airs on MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation). 

How does The Masked Singer actually work? 

The first round involves two masked contestants singing the same song, before subsequent rounds require a solo performance. 

Once a contestant is eliminated they are required to reveal their identity, and the last one standing is crowned the ‘Mask King’. 

South Korea’s version is known for having local stars and some K-pop names thrown in to make the show all the more exciting for its fans, but what many Aussie viewers may not know is that Hollywood is a big fan of the concept, both with its own show in the US, and the original in South Korea.  

‘The Masked Singer’ premieres on Monday August 10 at 7:30pm on Channel 10.