11/08/2020 3:52 PM AEST | Updated 14/09/2020 8:56 PM AEST

The Masked Singer Australia Clues: Who Is The Wizard?

The guessing game continues as the clues reveal this celebrity's childhood neighbours "hated" his singing.

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The Wizard on 'The Masked Singer Australia'

Season Two of ‘The Masked Singer’ is returning to Australian screens this year, with 12 mystery celebrities set to sing their hearts out and get viewers guessing as to who they are.

Hoping to follow in 2019 winner Cody Simpson’s footsteps, each of these stars will hide behind a dozen new masks. Competing for the title this year is The Dragonfly, The Frillneck, The Echidna, The Hammerhead, The Queen, The Kitten, The Wizard, The Cactus, The Goldfish, The Bushranger, The Puppet and The Sloth. 

Update: The Wizard on ‘The Masked Singer Australia’ has been unmasked: It’s Isaiah Firebrace.

Clues From The First Promo: 

The guessing game continues with the clue for The Wizard: “My childhood neighbours hated my singing voice... but who’s having the last laugh now?”

Our first guess is that this is a former ‘Neighbours’ actor, and judge Dannii Minogue seems to be on that wavelength too.

“So many Neighbours cast guesses,” she wrote on Instagram. 

Viewers have suggested Jason Donovan (though not sure if he’s in Australia), Dean Geyer or Alan Fletcher who plays Dr Karl Kennedy could be the former soap star behind the mask. 

One fan guessed Hugh Jackman, who turned down a role on ‘Neighbours’ in the 90’s to attend the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts. Keith Urban has also been thrown into the mix as a high-profile celeb guess. 

Joel C Ryan/Invision/AP
Jason Donovan poses for photographers upon arrival at the Olivier Awards in London, Sunday, April 8, 2018. 
Dia Dipasupil via Getty Images
Hugh Jackman attends the Montblanc MB01 Headphones & Summit 2+ Launch Party at World of McIntosh on March 10, 2020 in New York City.

Meanwhile another viewer delved deeper into the clue and suggested former ‘X Factor Australia’ winner Isaiah Firebrace is The Wizard. 

“Isaiah Firebrace. He’s dad has said that as a kid the neighbours didn’t appreciate his singing, and now he’s been to eurovision and won x-factor (sic),” the person commented. 

A 2017 ABC article that Isaiah’s father Wayne was interviewed for stated: “Wayne Firebrace said his son started singing at church when he was three, although the neighbours did not always appreciate his natural talent”.

Don Arnold via Getty Images
Isaiah Firebrace performs during Australia Day Live Rehearsals on January 25, 2020 in Sydney, Australia.

Clues From Episode 2: 

“I am the Wizard and I understand the power of magic. I believe in the unexpected. I feel connected to the earth, grounded, but power isn’t in everyone. But when you feel it you can use it to help others. I want the power, more power the better, and to feel in control at all times.

“There are others like me, many others, but I’ve found myself in a smaller group, eventually, just alone. My abilities were recognised young and my mentor showed me the road I should take. The hours were long, but I persevered. When you trust yourself to fate, good things can happen, and it will happen tonight.

“Rock music was not in my path, but I love heavy metal.”

Clues From Episode 4: 

“When I sang last time, I had a magical effect on Dave. Tonight, the magic continues, and everybody will be under my spell. My magic was felt from a young age. It’s in my DNA but it wasn’t recognised by everyone. Sometimes, I forgot myself. But the power is mine.

“My greatest success is not in the land of my birth. I have always travelled for my growth. I have sacrificed much in my search for wisdom, nothing of value comes easy. I feel the magic in others and take their guidance, but eventually, you must go your own way. You must learn to soar. Will I soar again tonight? You be the judge.

“I am considered a lucky charm by a great sporting Aussie champion.”

Who Are The Celebrities On The Masked Singer?

The Echidna: Mark Philippoussis

The Hammerhead: Michael Bevan  

The Goldfish: Christine Anu

The Sloth: Katie Noonan

The Dragonfly: Sophie Monk 

The Wizard: Isaiah Firebrace

The Cactus: Lucy Durack

The Kitten: Julia Morris 

The Puppet: Simon Pryce 

The Frillneck: Eddie Perfect

The Queen: Kate Miller-Heidke

The Bushranger: Bonnie Anderson

Who Are The Masked Singer Judges? 

This year singer Dannii Minogue, comedian Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes and radio host Jackie O will return as judges. Joining them on the panel is comedian Urzila Carlson who replaces previous judge Lindsay Lohan. 

Channel 10
'The Masked Singer' judges Dannii Minogue, Urzila Carlson, host Osher Gunsberg and judges Dave Hughs and Jackie O

Where exactly is The Masked Singer from? 

‘The Masked Singer’ first aired in South Korea back in 2015, and since then it has sparked spin-off versions across 17 other countries, including Australia. 

Currently hosted by local media personality Gim Seong-ju, South Korea’s version is actually called ‘King of Mask Singer’ and airs on MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation). 

How does The Masked Singer actually work? 

The first round involves two masked contestants singing the same song, before subsequent rounds require a solo performance. 

Once a contestant is eliminated they are required to reveal their identity, and the last one standing is crowned the ‘Mask King’. 

South Korea’s version is known for having local stars and some K-pop names thrown in to make the show all the more exciting for its fans, but what many Aussie viewers may not know is that Hollywood is a big fan of the concept, both with its own show in the US, and the original in South Korea.  

‘The Masked Singer’ continues at 7:30pm on Channel 10.