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MasterChef Australia Guest Curtis Stone Looks Very Different In This Old Interview

The celebrity chef chatted to Ellen DeGeneres in this 2010 TV chat.

Having appeared on many seasons over the years, Curtis Stone will be another familiar face to viewers when he returns to ‘MasterChef Australia’ on Thursday night. 

But what many fans may not know is that the 44-year-old’s fame goes beyond the culinary world into showbiz, and this old interview proves just that.

His chat with Ellen DeGeneres back in 2010 shows an ambitious Curtis speaking about his appearance on the US ‘Celebrity Apprentice’, and what’s more, he looks like a secret fourth Hemsworth brother. Once you notice it, you can’t unsee it. 

Channel 10
Curtis Stone on the Ellen show in 2010.
Channel 10
Melissa Leong, Curtis Stone, Andy Allen and Jock Zonfrillo on MasterChef Australia: Back To Win

Curtis was the only Aussie to appear on the third season of America’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice’, and was fired in week 10 by the big boss on the show, and now-US President, Donald Trump

In his chat with Ellen, Curtis spoke about what it was like filming with Trump and playing along to his strategy. 

“I think what it is with the big man is he’s in charge, he’s the boss and unless you play his game, you’re in trouble. 

“So I think his favourites come from people that give him answers, he doesn’t like not being given an answer to.” 

You can watch the interview below:  

D Dipasupil via Getty Images
Curtis Stone (L) and Chris Hemsworth attend the "There's Nothing Like Australia" campaign launch at Celsius at Bryant Park on January 25, 2016 in New York City. 

Since that TV gig, Curtis has gone on to carve a very successful career in food and entertainment, opening various restaurants and appearing in several cooking shows, one of them of course being ‘MasterChef Australia’.

On Thursday night he will appear on the show alongside new judges Andy Allen, Melissa Leong and Jock Zonfrillo for an immunity challenge featuring Callum Hann, Laura Sharrad, Jess Liemantara and Sarah Tiong. 

‘MasterChef Australia: Back To Win’ continues at 7:30pm on Channel 10. 

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