20/07/2020 1:09 PM AEST | Updated 21/07/2020 1:30 PM AEST

Laura Sharrad 'Deserves' MasterChef Grand Final Spot With Emelia Jackson, Says Reynold Poernomo

"The viewers don’t see everything."

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'MasterChef Australia: Back To Win' contestants Laura Sharrad and Emelia Jackson

UPDATE: Emelia Jackson Wins 2020 MasterChef Australia Grand Final, Laura Sharrad Is Runner-Up

‘MasterChef Australia: Back To Win’ contestant Reynold Poernomo has addressed viewer backlash that suggested Laura Sharrad shouldn’t have gone through to tonight’s grand final.

Laura received help from opponents Emelia Jackson and Reynold during the intricate apple dessert challenge on Sunday night. At the end of the semi-final pressure test, Reynold was sent home. 

Some viewers were very disappointed and thought Laura should’ve been eliminated as she received assistance from her co-stars: 

Speaking to HuffPost Australia on Monday, Reynold said Laura “deserves” the grand final spot. 

“The viewers don’t see everything, that’s for sure,” he said.

“We helped only the slightest bit. Everything else came down to Laura’s intuition and skill of cooking. So she completely deserves it.”

Reynold said he “definitely screwed it up” when trying to make the dessert and therefore was rightfully eliminated. 

“I deserve to come third. Everyone has bad days in the kitchen.” 

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'MasterChef Australia: Back To Win' contestant Reynold Poernomo

The majority of ‘MasterChef’ contestants from this all-stars season will return to the show tonight to taste Laura and Emelia’s grand final dishes.

As he already knows the winner, Reynold kept very tight-lipped on the result, but said both are very worthy of the title. 

“They’re both such exceptional cooks and very good friends of mine,” he said.

The ‘MasterChef Australia: Back To Win’ grand finale airs tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 10.