MasterChef Australia's Reynold Poernomo Promises 'No Filter' On New YouTube Show

"I wanted to be able to be myself without my personality being filtered."

‘MasterChef Australia’ contestant Reynold Poernomo is ready to share some of the secrets to his famous desserts and other delicious dishes in a new YouTube series.

Titled ‘Sweet X Salty’, the online series will launch here on Friday August 21 at 4:45pm AEST, and Reynold has promised it will feature a diverse range of content “without” his “personality being filtered”.

“I’ve noticed a lot of YouTube videos are just cooks/chefs in the kitchen and nothing more than showing a recipe,” the 26-year-old told HuffPost Australia.

'MasterChef Australia' contestant Reynold Poernomo in his 'Sweet X Salty' series
'MasterChef Australia' contestant Reynold Poernomo in his 'Sweet X Salty' series

In order to make his clips unique, he will feature “a mixture of vlogging, insight into my life and storytelling of what I’ll be cooking”.

“I’ll be talking about my opinions and views with food, creativity and then taking them around to shop ingredients before coming back to the kitchen to cook,” he said.”

“Expect simple home comfort recipes to challenging desserts, as well as a few fails. I don’t like it too polished, if I fail, I fail. I’ll share that with you.”

Reynold has been uploading YouTube videos over the past year, including travel and dining VLOGs that feature his girlfriend Chelia Dinata.

One of the biggest intentions behind this new series is to showcase all aspects of his personality that perhaps weren’t as evident on reality TV.

“During MasterChef I was quite serious as of course it’s a competition with a lot on the line,” he admitted. “So I wanted to be able to be myself without my personality being filtered.

“And also to show everyone, I don’t just make pretty and ‘fancy’ food. I’ll give you recipes from my home, hangover food and creative artistic desserts that are broken down to show how simple it can be.”

After having moved to Australia from Indonesia with his family at age four, Reynold has still kept a firm grip on his culture and heritage, with food playing a big part. If all goes to plan, he’d like to launch a second series focused on Indonesian cuisine.

“I’m planning to do more episodes if this first series does well, to go in depth about more of my childhood dishes, Indonesian-inspired food and bringing in other chefs/friends to have a food battle and talk about life, culture and philosophy in food,” he said.

Reynold became a household name on Australian TV and was dubbed the ‘Dessert King’ after appearing in season seven of ‘MasterChef Australia’ in 2015.

Last month he competed in the semi-final against Laura Sharrad and Emelia Jackson, however couldn’t quite impress judges Andy Allen, Melissa Leong and Jock Zonfrillo enough to stay in the competition. Emelia Jackson eventually took out the winning title.