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MasterChef Australia's Reynold Poernomo Is 'Going To Win' Says Co-Star

Tessa Boersma believes the 'Dessert King' is "going to be unstoppable" as the final six remain in the competition.

With only six contestants left on ‘MasterChef Australia: Back To Win’, the competition is reaching the pointy end.

The show’s most recently eliminated contestant Tessa Boersma has said she believes ‘Dessert King’ Reynold Poernomo will take out the winning title, despite him being in the bottom two alongside her on Sunday night.

“Team Rey all the way, I’m not hiding it,” Tessa told HuffPost Australia on Monday.

“I reckon Reynold’s going to win. I think he’s so capable of taking it out.”

'MasterChef Australia: Back To Win' contestant Reynold Poernomo
'MasterChef Australia: Back To Win' contestant Reynold Poernomo

Throughout this season, Reynold has demonstrated his technical knowledge when it comes to creating sweet treats, whether that be tempering chocolate or creating his ‘Alice In Wonderland’ rabbit hole trick a few weeks ago.

“He’s got the skill set, he’s got the right mindset and he is just an absolute creative genius,” said Tessa.

“I just think with those combined he’s going to be unstoppable. I’ve always been honest about my opinions and I just think he deserves it. He’s incredible.”

There are 24 previous contestants including Poh Ling Yeow, Reynold Poernomo and Callum Hann who have returned to the series for another shot at victory, but we are now up to the final six.

The remaining contestants are Poh Ling Yeow, Reece Hignell, Reynold Poernomo, Callum Hann, Emelia Jackson and Laura Sharrad.

‘MasterChef Australia: Back To Win’ continues at 7:30pm on Channel 10.

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