12/01/2021 1:39 PM AEDT

Representative Matt Gaetz Mocked For Caring More About Twitter Bans Than Insurrection

Many Twitter users questioned the Florida Republican's priorities — and also his understanding of the First Amendment.

Representative Matt Gaetz has his priorities, and apparently, the fact that Twitter is banning politicians who violate its terms of services agreement angers him more than last week’s insurrection at the US Capitol.

On Monday — after Twitter permanently banned President Donald Trump’s account, @RealDonald Trump, for inciting violence — the Florida congressman falsely suggested the social media platform’s terms of services violate the First Amendment.

“We cannot live in a world where Twitter’s terms of service are more important than the terms in our Constitution and Bill of Rights,” he tweeted.

Many Twitter users questioned the lawmaker’s priorities — and also his understanding of the First Amendment, whose free speech protections do not apply to private businesses.

Gaetz was one of 147 Republicans who voted to overturn the election results even after the Capitol siege. He also baselessly blamed the raid on antifa instead of Trump’s supporters.

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