Meatless Meatballs That Any Carnivore Will Happily Devour

Balls to the wall.

The words vegetarian and meatballs may seem oxymoronic, but we'll have you know that meatless meatballs are making a (delicious) comeback.

While there is no denying that a good old fashioned beef or pork meatball is scrumptious, there are so many veggie options that are just as good. Whether you choose to cook them with tofu, bread crumbs and shiitake mushrooms or garbanzo beans, oats and fish sauce, there is a meatless ball for everyone.

Thankfully, our friends over at put together a few handy infographics to help start the meatless journey. The first outlines all the ingredients required to make great balls and the second suggests awesome flavor pairings. Check them out below and wow your vegetarian (and meat-loving) friends.

Here are some yummy flavor combos you can cook up at home: