Miss Colombia Gracefully Responds To Steve Harvey's Colossal Mistake

Well, she's beauty and she's DEFINITELY grace.

Despite the giant mess that was the 2015 Miss Universe pageant, Miss Colombia still came out looking like a winner.

Steve Harvey, the pageant's host, announced on Sunday night that Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez had won the coveted Miss Universe title.

Only problem was that she didn't win -- Miss Philippines was the actual winner, and Gutierrez was the first runner-up. Harvey immediately owned up to his mistake and said that he had misread the card with the official results.

When asked to comment on the mistake, Miss Colombia responded with the poise and grace of someone who didn't just have a crown taken off her head in front of millions of live viewers:

"Everything happens for a reason, so I'm happy for all of what I've did," she said.

Many viewers agreed and tweeted that Gutierrez was the epitome of grace.

Even Juan Manuel Santos, the president of Colombia, chimed in to say how very proud of Miss Colombia he was, and he tweeted that Gutierrez is still Colombia's Miss Universe.

Harvey was not nearly as smooth about the whole ordeal -- he wrote a tweet to once again apologize for his mistake, and ended up publishing possibly the most unfortunately misspelled tweet of 2015.

Not only did Harvey announce the wrong winner, but he misspelled the names of BOTH of their countries in his initial apology tweet (which he has since deleted).

Considering the genuine grace and humility that Gutierrez has already displayed throughout this entire affair, it's likely that Miss Colombia would probably forgive Harvey for that, too.

But remember, it's Colombia, NOT Columbia.

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