05/01/2021 12:33 PM AEDT | Updated 05/01/2021 5:40 PM AEDT

Video Captures Snake Trying To Enter A Moving Ute: ‘Look How Big It Is’

The most Australian thing you’ll see today.

Rachael Pace Facebook
As a couple drove to the beach near Newcastle late last week, a snake tried to enter their moving ute through the driver's side window.

Ophidiophobes, look away now. 

The terrifying moment a snake tried to enter the driver’s side window of a moving vehicle in New South Wales was caught on camera. 

Rachael Pace and Kyle Vella were driving to the beach from their mid-north coast town of Stroud on New Year’s Eve when a huge snake popped its head up to look at Vella in the driving seat. 

Pace, who was in the passenger side of the utility vehicle, started filming the unexpected encounter. 

“It looks like it’s trying to get in,” Pace said as she panned to the back of the ute where the snake’s tail was wrapped. 

“What the fuck do we do,” Vella added while trying to shake the snake off his door. 

Watch the videos below: 

Pace told HuffPost Australia they didn’t realise the snake was clinging to the ute until other drivers started filming them. 

“A young guy stuck his head out the window filming us saying, ‘You got a snake on your Ute’,” she said. 

“Kyle had his window down and arm out the window and it brushed his arm that’s when he saw it. He then put the window up.”  

After finally parking the ute, the couple scrambled out the passenger door and neighbours helped capture the snake and let it go in a nearby creek. 

According to experts, snakes usually search for a damper or cooler environment as the weather becomes dry and hot during the Australian summer months.  

Reptile expert Professor Lin Schwarzkopf told HuffPost this particular snake could have been seeking shelter in the ute before the startling interruption of driving down a highway. 

“Snakes don’t like to be exposed in the middle of the day, they like to have shelter all around them, so it could have curled up” in the rear of the ute, she said. 

“The main reason people feel afraid of those sorts of animals is because they think the animal has some sort of intent like it’s trying to bite them or trying to chase them. 

“For the most part that’s not true; you’re too big to eat and you move around too much to be shelter.” Schwarzkopf added. “If a snake is coming at you, it’s for some other reason ― like it’s terrified.”