Nigella Lawson Wants You To Know She Doesn’t Really Think Microwave Is Pronounced 'Me-Crow-Wav-Vey'

The TV chef sent the internet into meltdown when she debuted her unusual way of referring to the kitchen gadget on her BBC show.

British TV chef Nigella Lawson wants you to know she doesn’t really think microwave is pronounced “me-crow-wav-vey”.

Nigella sent the internet into meltdown when she debuted her unusual pronunciation during an episode of her BBC cookery show Cook Eat Repeat on Monday.

As she prepared to pour in some full-fat milk, she told viewers she had pre-heated it in the microwave...

And while it might have been pretty obvious she was joking, the cook still had to explain this to some people who evidently didn’t quite get that it was all in jest.

After one person tweeted that they initially thought Nigella was “being sarcastic” before “starting to think she really pronounces it like that”, she replied: “Well, I do say it like that, but not because I think that’s how it’s actually pronounced.”

Nigella told another person that it was a “camp joke that becomes a habit”, which perhaps makes us love her even more.

Her spokesperson has even issued a statement about the whole thing, which was read out on BBC radio on Wednesday morning.

“In a nutshell, it’s how Nigella refers to the microwave at home. It’s a bit of a family joke,” they said.

So there you go.

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