22/03/2016 9:01 PM AEDT

A Ranking Of How Much Fat Is In Your Favorite Nut Butter

What's better, peanut butter or almond butter?

Nut butters are everywhere these days. They're added to smoothies, smeared on toast and even used in delicious sauces and dressings. But are all nut butters created equal? We realize there are always several nutritional factors to consider -- sugar, sodium, saturated fat, etc. -- but today we're going to focus on fat. Which types of nut butter have the most and least amount of fat? (And keep in mind: Fat can be a good thing.)

To find out, we looked at seven of the most popular nut butters and ranked them based on fat content. We checked three different brands for each nut butter and looked at the fat content in a typical serving size of two tablespoons. Are you as surprised by the results as we are?

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