Famous Stars In Old Beauty Commercials Are The Best Thing You'll Watch Today

Noxzema + Farrah Fawcett + Joe Namath = one sexy beauty ad

If you thought embarrassing celebrity photos and cute childhood videos were all that "Throwback Thursday" has to offer, wait until you see what we've unearthed.

Thanks to a little thing called YouTube, we've discovered old beauty commercials starring famous faces such as Betty White, Cybill Shepherd and Joe Namath pushing everything from at-home perm systems to sheer foundation to shaving cream.

Scroll down to watch these throwback ads and tell us which old beauty commercials you enjoy most in the comments section.

Noxzema Commercial Starring Farrah Fawcett And Joe Namath
The Noxzema ad starts with NFL legend Joe Namath grinning from ear to ear as he says, "I'm so excited. I'm going to get creamed!" There’s an obvious play on words with the football reference, however, "Charlie's Angel" star Farrah Fawcett pops up to remind us that it’s also kind of raunchy with the catchphrase: "Let Noxzema cream your face."

Sexual innuendo aside, Noxzema shave cream was a must-have back in the day for achieving a super close shave.
Revlon Commercial Starring Joan Rivers, The Pointer Sisters And Bernadette Peters
Women of all ages and backgrounds, including the late Joan Rivers, The Pointer Sisters, Bernadette Peters and Sally Kellerman come together in this 1989 Revlon commercial to answer the question, "What makes a woman unforgettable?" For once, we agree with Rivers when she blurts out "that she can reach 50 and not care." And we absolutely adore Peters' response: "Her mind, surrounded by lots of naturally curly hair."

And even though Revlon is clearly pushing their nail polish in this 30-something second spot, we don't mind because in between flashes of supermodel Linda Evangelista's slick red manicure and matching lipstick we get these refreshing takes on the true meaning of beauty.
Pantene Hair Commercial Featuring Kelly LeBrock
Back in 1986, Pantene launched one of its most memorable advertising campaigns with model/actress Kelly LeBrock. Sporting big hair and full pink lips, the "Weird Science" star uttered the line "Don't hate me because I’m beautiful." We may not have had hair like LeBrock's, however, repeating those six words while looking in the mirror gave us the confidence to hold our heads high.

And as Allure uncovered, LeBrock nearly missed out on booking this beauty gig. She told the magazine, "I used to be so insecure and self-conscious that if anybody even looked at me, I'd go red." Luckily, the model went ahead and read the line for an audition, and the rest is now beauty history.
Almay Cosmetics Commercial Starring Milla Jovovich
So like everyone else, we love the '90s, and we couldn't help but share this gem. Milla Jovovich, in all of her long-haired glory, prances and poses for Almay cosmetics, telling us how "fresh" their products will make us.

But you know what's actually fresh about this entire commercial? Jovovich's cropped eyelet sweater AND white high-waisted jeans — uh, hello we'd still rock that outfit today.
Just For Me Commercial Featuring LaTavia Roberson
Just for Me hair relaxer was one of the most popular straightening treatments for African-American girls in the 1990s. Its no-lye formula offered a "gentler" alternative, especially for kids with sensitive scalps. But what really sold this hair relaxer, in our opinion, was the catchy song.

The lyrics were simple yet sassy — "I want style, body and shine. A look that's totally all mine. Hair so soft, silky and free. I want something just for me. Just for meeee!"

Not to mention, the ad featured three cute girls (one of which was former Destiny's Child member LaTavia Roberson) sporting enviable hairdos as they sang and danced.
Richard Hudnut Cosmetics Commercial Starring Betty White
In this video clip, we see a brunette Betty White (yes, she wasn't born blonde) fronting Richard Hudnut cosmetics. Dressed in fabulous '50s frocks and statement jewelry, she does a damn good job of promoting Hudnut's at-home perm system, roll-on lipstick, shampoo and conditioner. It's kind of surreal to believe that you could buy the two latter products back then for under $1.50.
CoverGirl Commercial Starring Cybill Shepherd
Long before she played a struggling actress on the TV sitcom "Cybill" and shocked the world with her uncanny portrayal of Martha Stewart, Cybill Shepherd was a CoverGirl. The Tennessee-born star was one of the brand's earliest models, appearing in ads that promoted the fresh-faced look.

In this 1970s commercial for CoverGirl Super Sheer Medicated Makeup, Shepherd turns on her girl-next-door charm. The lightweight foundation allows her natural beauty to come through (we even count a few beauty marks), and check out those super long lashes. This is truly "better than bare."
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