Go Ahead, Wear Your Pajama Top In Public

We're serious. It's a legitimate trend.

Pajama dressing constantly comes in and out of fashion. And we have to say, we always welcome the trend with open arms because anything that allows us to wear our jammies in public is OK by us.

While this fad may appear difficult to wear and even more difficult to style, it isn't. You can treat your pajama-inspired top like any old silk blouse. Pair it with a pair of jeans, a pencil skirt and even a blazer and it will give you an effortless look.

We more than encourage you to wear the silk pajama tops you already own in public (barring any stains or holes), but you can also shop some new picks below if you're keen on changing out of your PJs in the morning! (Some of these are actually pajamas, and some are not.)

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