Parents Are Sharing Their Kids' Unintentionally Crude Art And It's Hilarious

Merry Accidentally Phallic Christmas!

A U.K. mom started a hilarious trend after she shared a photo of her son's creative drawing of Santa.

When Elletia Thomas' 8-year-old son Caleb showed her the Christmas card he'd designed at school, she couldn't help but notice it had a rather ... phallic quality. Thinking others might appreciate the funny design, Thomas posted it on the Facebook page for the parenting humor blog, The Unmumsy Mum.

Thomas told The Huffington Post that she decided to share the drawing because knew other parents would appreciate the innocent, unintentional humor of the situation.

She also clarified what the phallic element of the drawing was intended to be. "Caleb says it's Santa's sack," the mom explained. "He's holding it upside down as he's emptying the gifts out, to put under the tree."

Though she didn't expect to get such an overwhelming response, Thomas said she was not surprised that other parents had similar art work to share.

"We see pristine, perfect artwork being shared and Pinterest examples for us parents to aspire to, but these pictures were real life!" she told HuffPost. "I think that's why it was so popular and so easy for everyone to relate to each other. Like, no my child isn't creating a Da Vinci replica, he's drawing really weird stuff that looks like willies, but so are everyone else's kids!"

After The Unmumsy Mom shared Thomas' post, the comment thread quickly evolved into a gallery of kids' unintentionally phallic art. Parents shared their children's Christmas-themed drawings (and in one case, marshmallow tower), as well as their non-holiday, but still innocently crude designs. Others are still sharing hilariously inappropriate kid art in visitor posts to the page.

Keep scrolling for a sample of the art and visit The Unmumsy Mom Facebook page for even more off-color creativity.

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