17/02/2016 2:44 AM AEDT | Updated 18/02/2016 5:21 AM AEDT

Paul McCartney Was Actually Denied Entrance Into Tyga's Grammys After-Party [UPDATE]

"How VIP do we gotta get? We need another hit."

If you are a security guard at a Grammys after-party and you deny Paul McCartney entrance to that party, are you doing a good job? It's a question we want to ask whoever was working the door at Tyga's post-award show shindig at the Argyle in Hollywood on Monday night. 

TMZ obtained video footage of security turning away the former Beatle, along with pals Beck and Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins. 

Apparently, they weren't on the list and McCartney, to whom no one has said "no" since the '60s, can be overheard saying, "How VIP do we gotta get? We need another hit."

Um, what?!

To recap: the man who has won 18 Grammys in his lifetime and is considered a living legend was denied entrance to a party hosted by Kylie Jenner's boyfriend. 

UPDATE:  Tyga took to Twitter on Tuesday to make sure everyone knew he personally wasn't involved in the decision to turn McCartney away:

Later, he went on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" to further distance himself from the embarassment of denying McCartney entry to the party.

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