The Most Popular Pies Around The World, According To Pinterest

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March 14, aka Pi Day (because 3.14 ... get it?) is officially here, and while that means different things to different people, if you ask us, it means just one thing: it's time to eat pie.

Yes, Pi Day is a day we put aside our cake-loving differences and take a few moments to show some appreciation to those flaky, buttery, delicious bundles of heaven.

Whether you're looking for a recipe for a sweet dessert pie or a savory one (think quiche), people are flocking to all-things-DIY haven Pinterest to find new ones to enjoy.

The top trending Pinterest pies around the world are sure to make your Pi Day much more delicious. Check them out below, and head to Pinterest to see all the most popular pies on one glorious board.

Most Pinned: Maple Bacon Pie

Germany: Strawberry Pie

Brazil: Tortinha de Morango no Copinho

South Korea: Tomato Pie

Japan: Rose Pie (an apple pie made to look like roses)

Mexico: Lime Pie

Australia: No-Bake Vegan French Silk Pie

Spain: Apple Pie Chimichangas

UK: Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie

U.S.: Boston Cream Pie

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