08/09/2016 6:30 PM AEST | Updated 08/09/2016 7:07 PM AEST

Plastic Surgery - Boon or Bane

Beautiful hair, perfect nose, pout lips, flawless skin, flat stomach and slim thighs... Every girl dreams of a beautiful perfect body, but let's face the ugly truth; no one is perfect. To make the fairy tale of youngsters come true, the innovative trend of plastic surgery has got the grip. It makes you believe that you can become one of the cover girls in the magazine and achieve that perfect body. But since every coin has two sides, plastic surgery has its effects too.

To most people, plastic surgery comes as the ultimate solution for every problem. Viewing the bright side of plastic surgery, it's a successful surgical procedure. People with physical deformities receive plastic surgery, which restores their physicality.  Furthermore, with the help of plastic surgery, people with amputated body parts have been lucky enough to get new body parts. The various facets of plastic surgery offer many surgical procedures that reduce body fat or uplift the facial skin. These procedures include liposuction, abdominoplasty, facelift, pinnaplasty, augmentation mammoplasty, and rhinoplasty etc.

To a certain limit, plastic surgery works best and is a win-win situation. One can think of becoming an eye-candy by getting extreme plastic surgery, but can't imagine the horrors it brings. The first issue is the cost. For a proper plastic surgery, one should make sure he/she consults an authentic plastic surgeon. Plastic surgeries are way more expensive than the normal surgeries. The second concern is the obsessive craving of youth for the 'perfect' bodies. Due to lack of self-esteem and social pressure, young girls and boys tend to spend their time and money on plastic surgery procedures. What seems perfect becomes the nightmare the other day. There are several cases where celebrities have become victims of excessive plastic surgery. What has gone wrong is the deformation of body parts. It happened so because of the toxic substances injected into the body and due to several procedures, the relative body part gets damaged. The plastic-treated body looks unreal and washes away the natural beauty.

According to the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons a third vital concern is the use of substandard products and counterfeit tools in cosmetic surgeries. A lot of quacks offer cheap plastic surgery options and deceive people. Due to lack of skills and knowledge of plastic surgery, they make money by using no-less-than-worse toxic material. Not only does it damage the patient’s body, but can also pose a death risk. Professional surgeons would never recommend surgical procedures to people who don't have the need.

However, plastic surgery can be both a boon or a bane depending on an individual's perspective. It depends on either side a person chooses and the effects he may confront. Plastic surgery, yet an essential part of the surgical process, can be disastrous at times due to obsessive longing. One must learn to go towards plastic surgery when there's a dire need and should reflect on how perfect he/she is in their own skin. Make sure you're consulting a qualified surgeon prior of thinking about getting some plastic on your skin. Last but not the least; it's your choice whether be a human happy in his own skin or a plastic mannequin!

Last but not the least; it's your choice whether be a human happy in his own skin or a plastic mannequin!