Oklahoma Police Chief Gives Himself A Ticket For Speeding

"I am holding myself accountable just as anyone else would have to be."

An Oklahoma police chief just gave himself a $300 ticket for speeding.

“I am writing to inform everyone that I, Chief Burch, was breaking the law by speeding on 103rd St. N,” Chief Justin Burch wrote on the Sperry Police Department's Facebook page.

Sperry, which had a population of 1,206 as of the 2010 census, is located just north of Tulsa.

“A citizen made a complaint about it and I acknowledge that I was wrong in traveling at 75 and 80 mph,” he wrote, adding:

“I did have a reason for being in a hurry, but my speeds were not reasonable. I am holding myself accountable just as anyone else would have to be. I have written myself a citation and will be paying it just like every other citizen. I regret my actions and I sincerely apologize.”

KTUL, the local ABC station, said the person who complained caught the chief speeding on video and sent it in anonymously. The station asked Burch if he would have written the ticket without the video evidence.

You know, honestly, probably not,” he said. “But just like anybody else who did get caught, I need to be held accountable for my actions.”

Burch said the ticket will cost him $300.

The chief’s Facebook post has received dozens of comments, including many that praised his honesty.

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