17/01/2020 8:49 AM AEDT

Prince William Can't Tell Who Is In The Photo (Spoiler: It's Him)

The Duke of Cambridge saw the picture of his younger self on a cupcake.

Prince William has a doppelgänger ― and it’s his daughter, Princess Charlotte. 

During a visit to the city of Bradford on Wednesday, William and Kate Middleton were shown a gorgeous dessert created in honor of their arrival at the Khidmat Centre. 

The exhibit featured photos of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, all the way from their baby photos to their wedding day to the births of their children. 

WPA Pool via Getty Images
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge inspect cakes as they visit the Khidmat Centre.

While examining the decadent desserts and intricate details that went into every fruitcake and cupcake, William’s eyes landed on a photo that he thought looked just like his daughter, Charlotte. When the creator of the red, white, blue and gold creation said that it was actually his baby picture, William simply couldn’t believe it. 

“Is that me?” William repeated while looking at the photo. “Oh my goodness. Because that looks just like Charlotte. That is incredible ― I hadn’t seen that.”

Kate agreed that his picture in the “clever” design also looked so much like Charlotte. 

The creator of the display did the work all on her own and said that it took her a couple of days to complete. 

WPA Pool via Getty Images
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge inspect cakes as they visit the Khidmat Centre on Jan. 15 in Bradford. 
Cakes, decorated with images of Prince William and Kate Middleton, are pictured during their visit to the Khidmat Centre in Bradford on Jan. 15, where they learned about the activities and workshops offered by the centre. 

The visit to Bradford was the couple’s first public appearance since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced last week that they plan to step back as senior members of the royal family. 

During the visit, the Duchess of Cambridge also shared that she and William likely won’t be expecting a fourth child. 

“I don’t think William wants any more,” Kate told a royal fan, according to People.

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