24/02/2016 8:40 AM AEDT

This Hidden Plot Hole In 'Tangled' Will Keep You Up At Night

Wait there's no way she could safely get out of her tower like that ... right?

Tumblr user TheNamelessDoll may have uncovered a plot hole in the hit animated movie "Tangled" that will seriously confuse you. 

Just a refresher: "Tangled" is all about Rapunzel's backstory, and if the world remembers anything about Rapunzel, it's her ridiculously long locks. 

According to the creators of the film, her hair is 70 feet long. And that's where the problems start. In a scale drawing of Rapunzel and her tower, her 70 feet of hair lines up perfectly with her 70-foot-high tower window. But her hair is not quite long enough to lower herself from her window to the floor the way it's illustrated in the movie


See, the way Rapunzel lowers herself from her tower to the ground involves a pulley system in which she clearly holds two bundles of hair. Meaning she would need double the length of hair (so, 140 feet) for this to work out the way it's illustrated. 

Still not convinced? Check out how TheNamelessDoll breaks down this point in her Tumblr post:

TheNamelessDoll / Walt Disney Pictures

Yup. There is literally no way she could have used a pulley system and gracefully lowered herself all the way to the ground with only 70 feet of hair. Realistically, Rapunzel's hair should have run out halfway through and then she would have had to fall the rest of the way down.

So is there a definitive answer to this weird continuity gaffe? We wish. But you can read all about this plot hole in the full Tumblr post below. Just a warning: it will seriously mess with your head.


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