How Much It Really Costs Hollywood Actresses To Get Red-Carpet Ready

Glamour comes with a hefty price!

If you think $50 is expensive for a blowout, then imagine paying $2,000 a day to have your locks styled. Bonkers? We know. But that's what it can cost Hollywood's leading ladies to look their best on the red carpet.

The New York Post did some deep digging and calculated expenses -- from tailoring to hair, makeup and nails -- that actresses typically incur in preparation for a Golden Globes awards ceremony.

While designers are willing to loan their fresh-off-the-runway dresses to big-named acts, the cost to make sure those pieces fit to a T isn't free. That's why an accomplished stylist comes with a day rate of around $1,500. But it's worth noting that the tab is usually picked up by the actress' film studio.

Those impeccable nails you see stars flashing with their gleaming jewels ... well, the New York Post reports that celebrities can expect to cough up $300 for a manicurist to do a house call.

Watch the video above for more outrageous red-carpet style expenses, and head over to the New York Post to see how these can add up to approximately $44,000.

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