13/02/2016 5:52 AM AEDT

Roasted Beet Hummus Is The Delicious Winter Recipe You Have To Try

Nobody puts beets in a corner.

Beets are one of those root veggies that you either love -- and can't get enough of -- or hate because you think they taste like dirt. Whichever side of the line you stand on, we've stumbled across a beet recipe that everyone will agree is delicious.

This roasted beet hummus recipe by one of our favorite food bloggers, Half Baked Harvest, unites all the creamy deliciousness of classic chickpea hummus and makes it interesting with the sweet, complex flavor of roasted beets (and garlic). It's packed with super healthy ingredients -- beets included -- and it's absolutely gorgeous, too. Plus, this vibrant hummus is easy and quick to make. There's really no excuse to not try it.

Watch the video below to see how Half Baked Harvest does it, then head on over to her site for the recipe.

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