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Scott Morrison Chokes Up, On Verge Of Tears While Speaking About Family

The Australian Prime Minister opened up about his grandmother during a coronavirus press conference.

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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison was evidently emotional during a press conference on Thursday when discussing his family life amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

When speaking from Canberra to announce the free childcare support for essential workers, the PM was asked about what “keeps him up at night” during the Covid-19 crisis, and what he discusses with his family.

“To be honest, I am pleased that my family is with me. They have joined many in Canberra. That is a great comfort to me and I hope it is a comfort to them,” he said.

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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison evidently choked up during a press conference on Thursday when discussing his family life amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

Morrison said it was difficult speaking to his children about the future.

“I suppose the really difficult issue for all of us is trying to imagine the world on the other side of this and to give your family some positive and encouraging news about how amazing Australia is and how we all come out of this,” he admitted.

It was then when speaking about his grandmother that the PM could be seen on the verge of crying.

“I think back to my grandmother and how she lived through the Depression and I remember as a kid being told stories by my grandmother about what they used to do as a family to get through and we are doing the same thing in our house.

“We are keeping each other entertained, as I said the other day,” he continued, referring to doing jigsaw puzzles. 

“You have got to keep your family positive and keep connected and together. To us, our faith is very important to us. That helps us get through each day. But every family is different. Stay together, Australia.”

This attracted mixed reactions on social media: 

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