09/01/2016 6:32 AM AEDT | Updated 04/01/2017 2:13 AM AEDT

Man Planned To Kidnap Obama Family Dog, Claimed He Was Jesus, Police Say

He also claimed to be the son of JFK and Marilyn Monroe.

Nobody messes with Bo and Sunny.

A man who claimed to be Jesus and allegedly planned to kidnap one of the Obama family dogs was arrested in Washington, D.C., late Wednesday.

Police found Scott Stockert, of North Dakota, at a Hampton Inn near the Washington Convention center with a car containing unregistered weapons and ammunition, NBC Washington reports.

In addition to threatening the nation's first dogs, authorities said, Stockert claimed to be the son of John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe, according to a court document obtained by The Washington Post. He also said that he intended to run for president.

Secret Service agents in the Minnesota field officer were the first to identify Stockert's alleged plot to kidnap the Obama family pets, who are both Portuguese water dogs.

Stockert was charged with carrying a rifle or shotgun outside of his home or place of business, according to the Washington Post.

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