02/10/2019 8:40 AM AEST

Sex Isn't Always Taboo For Immigrant Communities

What is discussed behind closed doors can be open-minded.

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If we don’t talk about it, it’s not happening ... right? Sex can be a big taboo in many immigrant family households — but not always.  And it hasn’t stopped the children of immigrants from educating themselves or exploring their sexualities. 

In this episode of “Born And Raised: Love,” hosts Alisha Sawhney and Al Donato uncover some raunchy misadventures, break down stereotypes, and get real about sex talk and family. 

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Meet the guests: 

Tony Tran’s Vietnamese parents never talk about sex. So imagine the actor’s surprise when a routine computer repair for his mom reveals a risqué past-time.   

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From left: Chanelle Luu, HuffPost Canada video editor Brian Trinh, and Gabrielle Cenona.

We asked second-generation Toronto locals to share their sex anecdotes. Chanelle Luu, Gabrielle Cenona, and HuffPost Canada video editor Brian Trinh get into the moments their immigrant parents made their feelings about sex very clear — and memorable, to say the least.

Dr. Jessica O’Reilly is a sexologist who can attribute the values she teaches to her upbringing. Her Chinese-Jamaican mother raised Jessica with consent and body positivity at the forefront. For Jessica, what immigrant parents tell their kids behind closed doors about sexual health is just as valid as formal classroom settings.

Mari Ramsawakh (they/them) wasn’t allowed to participate in their high school’s gym classes. Their disability wasn’t accommodated by their school, effectively shutting them out of health classes too. Mari’s sex ed was limited to talks with their mother, which were often riddled with misconceptions and confusion. It wasn’t until later, when Mari finally had access to accurate sex information, that Mari was able to clear the air with their mother—and teach her about the hymen.

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