This Concept Jet Could Fly From London To NYC In 30 Minutes

It's 10 times the speed of sound!

If you're fed up with the current state of air travel, better days may come in the future: A Canadian engineer unveiled a concept for a supersonic scramjet that could zip from London to New York City in just half an hour, traveling at 10 times the speed of sound.

Four wings, two rockets and a liquid-oxygen burning system would allow the scramjet to hit more than 7,600 mph, blowing the Concorde out of the water.

Safe to say there wouldn't be time for a beverage cart.

The Skreemr jet was designed by inventor Charles Bombardier, who explained how it would allow about 75 passengers to fly between continents at record speeds in a post for the Globe and Mail. While the scramjet technology that would make the jet possible is indeed being tested for military purposes, Bombardier admits that it wouldn't be used for passenger travel until "the distant future," if at all.

It reminds us of many other ideas for the future of air travel which are promising and/or totally terrifying, but are also likely to remain mere concepts for the foreseeable future. Airbus, for example, openly admits to filing many patent applications per year with no real intention to turn its futuristic designs into reality.

But hey, you never know where air travel will go. We can always dream:

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