25/01/2016 4:45 AM AEDT

'Saturday Night Live' Mocks Awards Season's Diversity Problem

"And the award goes to ... all the white guys!"

Last night during its Ronda Rousey-hosted episode, "Saturday Night Live" added some comedic commentary to the hot topic of diversity in Hollywood (specifically, the Oscars and other award shows). 

In a sketch titled "Screen Guild Awards," cast members took on the roles of Hollywood actors at a stereotypical award show. The clip kicks off with Cecily Strong onstage announcing nominees in the "Best Actor" category. 

As she calls out their names and roles, a trend emerges: every actor nominated is white. (Sound familiar?) On top of that, all of the films tell stories centered around people of color, yet each role mentioned becomes more ridiculous than the last (read: "White man with a camera" and "unseen voice on phone").

In an unprecedented twist, the award goes to "all the white guys" in a five-way tie. 

Watch the whole clip above. 

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