19/01/2016 7:22 PM AEDT

Solar Filament Collapses In Stunning New NASA Sun Video

Hypnotic footage from the Solar Dynamics Observatory shows giant magnetic arches form, then collapse.

A hypnotic new NASA video shows a solar filament erupt, causing explosions and then forming a series of giant magnetic arches of solar material, all of which ultimately collapse into the sun. 

"The arches of solar material appear to glow as they emit light in extreme ultraviolet wavelengths, highlighting the charged particles spinning along the sun's magnetic field lines," the space agency said in a news release. 

Solar filaments are arcs of plasma in the sun's atmosphere, which appear as dark lines because they're not as hot as the rest of the sun, according to the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research.

The footage was recorded last month by the Solar Dynamics Observatory in extreme ultraviolet wavelengths of 193 angstroms, which would normally be invisible to human eyes, but was given a bronze color so we could see it. 


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