03/06/2016 6:59 AM AEST

19 Spunky Flower Girls Who Take Their Jobs Very Seriously

Putting the flower in "flower power."  🌸

These little ladies sure know how to make an entrance!

They may be small, but what these flower girls lack in height they make up for in style and sass. Below, 19 precious petal pushers who stole the show. 

  • 1 This cutie executed her duties like a boss.
    Fiona and Bobby Photography
  • 2 This little one showed the ring bearer some love.
    Natalie Kunkel Photography
  • 3 This tot rocked a zebra print dress flawlessly.
    Alicia Q. Photography
  • 4 This flower girl has the hand-on-hip pose down pat.
    Petronella Photography
  • 5 This youngster made her way down the aisle with gusto.
    Helena and Laurent Photography
  • 6 This beauty looks like a goddess in her wreath headband.
    Yuliya M. Photography
  • 7 This kiddo does not suffer fools gladly.
    Quetzal Photo
  • 8 This pretty girl's purse game is on POINT.
    Jackson Wedding Studios
  • 9 This fashionista is more stylish than you'll ever be.
    Tony Gambino Photography
  • 10 This little one is serving up some sass.
    Lindsey Tropf
  • 11 These babes know three's a crowd.
    Jeff Sampson Photography
  • 12 This little one has all the right moves.
    Petronella Photography
  • 13 This flower girl is focused on the task at hand.
    Hot Metal Studio
  • 14 This cutie pie has a smile that could light up a room.
    Tessa Rice Photography
  • 15 This one is giving us all a lesson in quiet confidence.
    Therese Winberg Photography
  • 16 This twosome is spunky 'n sweet!
    onelove photography
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