01/11/2016 4:04 AM AEDT | Updated 01/11/2016 4:26 AM AEDT

Star Central Magazine Is The Code To Crack Hollywood

While breaking into Hollywood seems fun, easy and glamorous, only those individuals who have really tried doing it know how hard it really is. Contrary to the popular belief that one needs to have the “looks” and everything will fall in place, the reality is however different. The entertainment industry, known for its unpredictable and shallow nature only recognizes those who are reachable. This means that the looks might get you the attention you need, but it does not guarantee you success.

In order to be successful in the entertainment industry, be it as a model, actor, actress or even film maker, one has to have a strong network system. Having sufficient contacts is necessary, because in order to survive in the entertainment industry, one needs to have insight on the right kind of people and the right kind of events.

Now being a newbie in this industry might appear to be an intimidating job, but the good news is that there are several companies that are looking out to help the new ones. These companies offer huge opportunities to aspiring and talented people by linking them with the right kind of people, and providing them with a proper route so that they might be able to display their talent.

One such company, which has promoted several models, actor and actresses around the world is the StarCentral Magazine. The publication is widely recognized as one of the biggest entertainment sources and happens to cater the emerging talent by providing them with an authentic platform as well.

StarCentral Magazine's managing director Mike Ilagan with the StarCentral team

StarCentral Magazine came into being after long hard efforts of Mike Ilagan, the Managing Director of the company. After his graduation, the executive himself encountered several troubles when he started looking out for the perfect job. With a prestigious degree in Bachelors of Fine Arts, Mike struggled to make his mark in the booming graphic designing industry. It was then when he decided to make an opportunity for himself, rather than waiting for one. Hence in 2006, the Magazine StarCentral came into being.

Since its debut, the publication has not only flourished but it has managed to make a bold presence. With a strong relation to the entertainment industry, the company has gone 10 years down the road and has branched out to StarCentral Photography, StarCentral Video, StarCentral Graphics and StarCentral Web designs. Not only this, but the events arranged under the StarCentral banner always manage to make headlines and give talents from all over the world their chance to shine.

Since, the entertainment industry is always evolving and looking out for new talent to display, StarCentral Magazine has decided to release Model & Mode Magazine. The new magazine aims to bring forth new models and associate them directly with the modeling industry.

The thing that makes this publication such a success and reliable source is the fact that it is either directly collaborating or is in contact with several other outlets and high profile organizations. StarCentral Magazine is associated with a number of high profile organizations such as the Aussie Elite group, Miss Earth Australia, the Australian Model Conference, Miss Grand Australia, Miss Supranational Australia and the Pacific Runway Fashion group. Several publications such as InLife Magazine, Australasia Official magazine, RMEG magazine, Fashion Mandu magazine and Pacific International Runway magazine are being managed by none other than Mike Ilagan himself, making him one of the most influential figures of the entertainment industry in Australia.