09/04/2020 9:18 AM AEST

Street Artists Take On Coronavirus Pandemic With Powerful, Poignant And Witty Pieces

Here is our ongoing collection of murals, posters and stencils supporting health care workers and calling out world leaders, including Donald Trump.

Street Artists Take On Coronavirus Pandemic With Powerful, Poignant And Witty Pieces

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Street artists worldwide are responding to the coronavirus pandemic with originality, flair and wit.

Over the last few weeks, a plethora of powerful, poignant and witty pieces supporting health care workers, reminding people to stay home and poking fun at toilet paper shortages have appeared on walls around the world, from Los Angeles to London and beyond.

Some murals have appeared to criticise the ways in which President Donald Trump and other right-wing world leaders, such as Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro, have responded to the public health crisis.

Australian artist Scottie Marsh, known for his political street murals, had a crack at Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton’s handling of the Ruby Princess crisis. 

The cruise ship is the subject of a criminal investigation with Australian authorities after allowing passengers infected with the coronavirus disease to disembark in Sydney last month. 

Cruise ships are responsible for around 20% of Australia’s coronavirus cases. Seven deaths and more than 600 infections have been attributed to the Ruby Princess alone. 

While Marsh’s artwork is not actually on a street, the artist created the piece from the safety of his studio. 

“In the spirit of staying the fuck home, this one’s from my studio wall,” he said. 


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Prince Harry and The Simpsons cartoon family have appeared in other street artworks. 

Check out some of the most notable pieces below.

Seen some coronavirus-themed street art? Or can you help us further identify the artists or locations of the pieces we have in the list? Email your images and information to or direct message via Instagram.

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