18/10/2016 1:23 AM AEDT

Student Driver Helps Cops As They Chase Down Suspect

Now that's a memorable lesson.

Police in England are praising a student driver who gave them a ride to an emergency call during a lesson.

The unidentified woman was driving with her instructor in Kingston, southwest London, around 8 p.m. on Thursday when she noticed officers trying to flag down passing cars for help.

She pulled over, picked up the cops and drove them to assist their colleagues who were struggling to detain a suspect who had run off.

She dropped the officers off near to the scene and they ran the last part,” Kingston Police wrote in a Facebook post on Friday. “The officers got to the suspect just in time and helped with the arrest, preventing any further injuries.”

Police said the student driver “drove safely” and “remained calm” throughout her impromptu journey. They didn’t catch her name, however, and are now seeking help in identifying the student-instructor duo “so we can say thank you properly.”