14/01/2016 7:24 AM AEDT

Here's How To Find Out Exactly How Fresh Your Eggs Are

So simple there's no reason not to find out.

We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but the eggs you just bought at the grocery store are probably not as fresh as you might think they are. Think about it: they had to be laid, processed, shipped and stocked. This is definitely done with an amazing amount of speed, but still: not as fresh as you think.

So how fresh are they? There's a real simple test you can do to find out. Just drop an egg in a glass of water. If it's fresh, it'll sink. If it's old, it'll float. But what about if it's somewhere in the middle? We found a chart that'll help you determine just how fresh (or not so fresh) your eggs really are. Check it out and then make your decision on what to do with it.

One Jive

And just an FYI: fresh eggs are really good for frying -- like in some of the recipes below -- or for turning into sauces. Not-so-fresh eggs are better for hard boiling (they're so much easier to peel!). 


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