The Digital Turn of Afro Natural Hair Care: Meet Naturalistapp

One of the major bonuses of the introduction of smartphone technology comes from the use of apps. Applications that used to require a full computer to themselves can now be stored on our smartphones. More importantly, though, they give us access to the kind of features, tools, and ideas that we previously lacked or had limited access to normally.

A specific application, though, has really caught an eye of the market at present – NaturalistApp. This app has been buzzing right at the time when the Natural Hair movement took the Afro Hair World by storm. This simple and effective tool is perfect for those who have concerns about the caring and growing process of their curly afro hair. If you look at your hair and worry about its health and look, then this app can be just what you need to solve that.

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From this app, you’ll receive boatloads of inspiration and motivation to keep your hair in shape using only natural solutions. You’ll get to share your own experience, as well as take in the wisdom, of 1000s of like-minded naturalists. Find out the best hair products, detail the worst products, and understand what kind of natural treatments you might have been missing out on.

These are just some of the features that Naturalistapp brings to the table. Helping Afro-descendant and mixed ladies all have healthy natural hair, though, is the #1 goal. As such, this app has gone the extra mile in helping them to start their journey from damaged, chemically treated hair to natural luscious curls with the help of a loving community. The support extends beyond hair to also cover skin care and healthy habits.

Create your own Hair & Beauty Journal

The excellence of this method is that it allows you to have your own profile, just like other social media platforms. Edit your profile to find ladies with the same natural hair styles and desires as you. Then, you can work together to help achieve that journey as a team, and give yourself access to a wide selection of videos and photos lessons, ideas, and challenges.

Naturalistapp appears to be the first and fastest growing “social” natural hair app, meaning this is the go-to place to start creating and following your own hair plan after a big chop or transitioning period.

Find the Best Natural Hair & Beauty Products

Another benefit from using Naturalistaapp, though, is the fact that it offers some priceless real-life reviews. If you have had your focus on certain hair products for some time but cannot make a decision on whether or not to buy them, you’ll find answers and tips on Naturalistapp. Upload pictures of the products that you wish to use, and leave detailed reviews for everyone else to see. Find reviews on other products on your own, too, to make sure you are getting help to avoid poor purchases.

Share that Success

All you have to do is sign up and start sharing your story with the club. Then, you never know, you might just become the inspiration for someone in the future. Your profile can be the starting point for many others, allowing you to give the same inspiration that others delivered to you.

Naturalistapp is the long expected blend for those who just want to keep hair healthy and natural. If you have grown sick and tired of losing the war in natural hair care, then download Naturalistapp today and give yourself the perfect place to start learning, changing and improving. Whether you are looking for help to grow and care your afro hair or you wish to find a way to define curls in your hair, you’ll find a simple and effective solution through here.

At the moment the registration requires a Facebook account, but a bunch of new features are planned for the next versions so make sure you follow and connect with the Naturalistapp community.

Naturalistapp is available on Google Play Store for Android devices and coming soon for IOS. Visit the website here:

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