20/08/2016 2:51 PM AEST | Updated 20/08/2016 2:51 PM AEST

The Next Warhol? An Interview with Marko Stout

Marko Stout took and still takes New York and the art world by storm with his thought provoking, attention grabbing artworks that seem to have its major focus on a mix of urban myth and a tinge of sexuality.

Marko Stout’s artwork is a reinvention of the pop movement which was a fad in the 1960s. However, this isn’t just any regular bland reinvention of the pop art theme; Stout is nearly unpredictable; he has a very unique twist to the pop style. His works give off a hardcore, raw, independent, ‘you can’t tell me what to do’ kinda attitude. He portrays the tough, vigorous lifestyle of New York City using ladies as his subjects who often appear to be somewhat in pain, overwhelmed by the chaotic world sounding them all the while maintaining a chic, detached, sexy attitude of a sophisticated twenty-first century urban dweller which distinguishes his works from that of Andy Warhol.

There is an infusion of gritty, dark-urban and somewhat sexual feel to his artworks that hasendeared him to the younger millennial age audience- as it sort of speaks to them and their youthful struggles, drive, and fantasies.

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to interview the enigmatic Marko Stout in New York Cityto discuss his work and upcoming exhibitions. Below is excerpts from our convention:

Question: You just had a very successful exhibition at the Wyndham Modern Art Gallery in Miami. When is your next exhibition and can you tell us a bit about it?

Stout:The Art Nation Gallery is sponsoring a solo exhibitionof my work in Times Square later this year. I believe it opens in October. We’re showing pieces from my current series, “Erotic Dreams” and some of my older work, not really a retrospective, but pieces that work well together. It’s going to have a bit of everything, prints sculpture, installation pieces and certainly film and video. It’s going to be really cool.     

Question:You are considered to be the quin essential New York artist. Why do you think that is?

Stout:I live in New York. 

Question:Your works seem to have a darker edge then most pop art, is that the way you see the world?

Stout: A lot of art I see art shows now a dayseems a bit too rosy, a bit childlike. I really don’t like art that has cartoons and silly themes. I try to take on the deeper issues of survival in the city and life in general.

Question: Your work is also displayed in many trendy bars and night clubs, why do you think that is?

Stout: Maybe it looks better after a few cocktails.

Question: Art critics say your work is a gritty form of pop art and have termed it “industrial pop”. Do you like this term and do you think it’s accurate?

Stout:I don’t like classifications. I find them too limiting. But I kind of like “industrial pop” it seems to capture the essence. So I’m cool with it, maybe I’ll steal the term.  

Question: You recently had a few high profile sales with media coverage and your cult- like New York popularity is becomingmore widespread. Do you think this will influence your style?  

Stout:No. The work will continue to go in the direct I like. But, I’m glad we’re selling more pieces.

Question:The themes of your work feature a lot of sex and the city, why is that?

Stout: It’s what I see.

Question: Many are comparing your work to other pop artists like Warhol and Koons. Have they been influences of yours?

Stout: I think Andy Warhol has influenced everyone in the modern art world. Freeing us to the possibilities of what art can be, making it more acceptable for galleries and collectors to appreciate creative work. Also, I really like his work, very cool.

Question: Why is your work so popular Millennials?

Stout: My shows are heavily attended by a younger crowd. The work seems to connect on a certain level with younger people. 

Question:Can you tell us about some of your upcoming projects?

Stout: I’m starting a new series of prints and installations for next year’s gallery shows and exhibitions. We sold a few of my sculptures to a Berlin night club at the ArtExpo last spring, so need to visit the club and Germany soon- hopefully not in the winter, too cold for me.I’m looking forward to Art Basel in Miami, it’s usually a great party! I’m also working with a few avant-garde film makers and cinemas working on producing an experimental film festival here in New York. 

Question:I also saw an article that stated you were talking with NetFlix about developing a reality show based upon the New York art scene. Can you tell me any more about this project?

Stout:We have a production team still working out the script and the details. I don’t want the show to focus so much on me. I want it to show the drama that goes on in galleries, art shows and certainly my studio, and the art world in general. I use a lot of models in my work, they’re often competing for attention, this makes for some interesting situations. Also, I want to tell the stories of the outcasts and exotic characters and surrounding us here in New York.

 Marko Stout’s current art exhibition, “Erotic Dreams” featuring multimedia works including his latest sculptures, installations, prints andvideos can be seen opening on October 20th at Art Nation Gallery in Times Square, New York. There will be a small limited preview this Labor Day weekend at the Rivington SoHo Gallery on Rivington Street, NYC.  His work can also be viewed in December at the Art Basel exhibition. Additional news, updates and exhibitions details about the Marko Stout’s work can be viewed on the artist’s official website at