24/12/2019 9:33 AM AEDT

20 Of The Very Best Wedding Photos Of 2019

You'll fall in love with these stunning shots.

Of all the wedding photos taken in 2019, these pictures stand out from the pack.

Wedding planning website Junebug Weddings revealed the winners of their annual “Best of the Best Wedding Photography” contest. The collection showcases some of the top photos of the past year. 

Photographers from around the world submitted nearly 7,000 images for consideration, but only 50 made the final cut. 

Below, we’ve gathered 20 of our favourites. To see the rest of the collection, head over to Junebug Weddings

  • Celestine Aerden | Celestine Aerden Photography
  • Henry Tieu | Henry Tieu Photography
  • Emma Bonnic | Epic Love Story
  • Maddie Mae | Adventure Instead
  • Levi Hriczo | Levi Hriczo Photography
  • Baylee Dennis | Baylee Dennis Photography
  • Jonas Peterson
  • Cat Chang | The Apartment Photography
  • Two Blushing Pilgrims - Maurice & Stephanie Kindermann
  • Shari Vallely | Shari + Mike Photographers
  • Ropate Kama | Kama Catch Me Photography
  • Midhat Mulabdic | Benedetto Lee Photography
  • Raquel Benito
  • Sabrina Kaye | Sabrina Kaye Photography
  • Daniel Alonso | People Truelove Tellers
  • Emma Johnson | The Bold Americana
  • Ronnie Lee Hill | Ronnie Lee Hill Photography
  • Vilnis Sluka
  • Christian Bruckmann | Adriana y Christian
  • Daniel López Pérez
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