10/05/2016 4:20 AM AEST

7 Ripped Women Smash The Stereotype That Strong Isn’t Feminine

Crushed it. 👊 👊 👊

Strong is sexy. 

Just ask the women featured in Elle India's recent photography feature, "These Muscular Women Are Overthrowing Every Feminine Stereotype." The piece features seven women of different professional backgrounds -- from a bodybuilder to a makeup artist -- who discuss the pride they have in their bodies. 

The women featured also address (and shut down) the idea that being visibly muscular is somehow in conflict with their femininity. 

“I have my curves, breasts and hips, and I’m still a woman — just a very strong one," says Natasha Noel, a 23-year-old yoga instructor who used to be chastised for not looking "feminine" enough. “My teachers used to tell me to be more delicate, ‘like a woman.’ Strength has always fascinated me more than flexibility. Being strong is sexy, it’s empowering.”

See the gorgeous photos below and read more over at Elle India

  • ELLE India/Taras Taraporvala
  • Navreet Josan
    Navreet Josan
    ELLE India/Taras Taraporvala
  • Natasha Noel
    Natasha Noel
    ELLE India/Taras Taraporvala
  • Bani J
    Bani J
    ELLE India/Taras Taraporvala
  • Ayesha Billimoria
    Ayesha Billimoria
    ELLE India/Taras Taraporvala
  • Shweta Sakharkar
    Shweta Sakharkar
    ELLE India/Taras Taraporvala
  • Nilparna Sen
    Nilparna Sen
    ELLE India/Taras Taraporvala
  • Rashi Chowdhary
    Rashi Chowdhary
    ELLE India/Taras Taraporvala
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