30/08/2016 1:38 AM AEST | Updated 30/08/2016 1:38 AM AEST

Things You Should Know Before Rooting Your Android Device

What if you could get right into the brain of your android device and be able to make changes only the manufacturer can make? Yes, there is a way to get deep remove restrictions on your device that gives you the privilege to make some creative changes and make your device more appealing. This brings me to what is called android rooting. But before then, what is an android device?

Android is one of the latest operating system developed for mobile phone introduced as an open source software. But originally, all android devices are introduced without granting users the full and complete privilege to access various functions on the Smartphone. This is where rooting comes in. The truth is that I wasn’t aware of this phenomenon until my recent trip to India where I met a number of cool guys showing me the trick involved.

What is Android Rooting?

Android Rooting is the process of breaking over restrictions placed on the device and getting access to root of the Open Source as well as get the privilege to make global changes. Rooting an android device could be somewhat complicating especially if you are not tech savvy. But be rest assured, in this article I will be sharing the basics things you need to know to guide you through the process of rooting.


Before You Root Your Android Device

As there are hundreds of smart phone devices out there, there is no specific method of rooting your android device. There are several techniques that have been developed over time, and to root your device, you check for necessary tools as well as apps needed to successfully carry out the root.

To root your android device, it is advisable to search for your handset/tablet to find the best available root method that suits your device. XDA Forums can help with that, as they will also guide you on the how to go about it.

It is very advisable to be really careful and meticulously digest the instructions when you want to root your android device. Try and back up your device and check the compatibility before going through with the process.

But before we go ahead with the process involved in rooting an android device, what are the positive and negative sides of rooting your device. This is equally important to guide you in making the decision if you really do desire to get your android device rooted or not.


  1. Positive Aspects of Rooting


  • Most smart phone users, especially android users are found of complaining about space. Rooting is known to solve this issue. This is because rooting gives you the privilege to transfer apps to your SD card.
  • Also, most people love the opportunity to customize their ROM. There are thousands of ROM online that helps your device in various aspect from speeding it up to modifying some basic options.
  • Rooting gives the users complete access to the phone.
  • Rooting also gives users the privilege of installing some special apps that you normally would not be able to install if the device is not rooted. You could also uninstall some inbuilt apps as well.
  • Rooting allows you use the latest Android OS


  1. Negative Aspects of Rooting

As beautiful and attractive as the advantages of rooting sounds, there are also some disadvantages that Smart Phone users needs to be aware of before deciding to root their android device.

  • One of the most common disadvantages of rooting is that you could void the warranty of your phone.
  • Also, rooting your android device is a risky task. You run the risk of getting your phone bricked. Thus extra care needs to be taken in rooting your android device.


  1. How To Root Your Android Device Without A PC

You do not necessarily need to have access to a computer before you get your android device rooted. There are several apps out there that will successfully help get your android device rooted without any glitch if done correctly.

Listed below are some of the apps that can help you root your android device. Bear in mind that it is important to follow instructions to the letter before going ahead and best to take a breath if you are not cleared on anything. Most of these apps can be gotten from Google play store or via a simple Google search.

  • KingRoot: works for all android device. So, it is possible to root android with kingroot
  • Framaroot: also suitable for all android device
  • Universal Androot
  • iRoot
  • Baidu Root


  1. How To Root Your Android Device With a PC

To root your android device with a PC, there are many applications that are available to aid the process. Take a look at some of the applications

Using Root genius is designed to work on windows computer that can help you root your device with just a single click. It is advisable to disable any antivirus program before going ahead with this.

Step 1: Enable USB debugging on your Smartphone. Go to settings > Developers Option > USB Debugging > Enable

Step 2: Download and install Open Root Genius Application on windows

Step 3: Launch the application and connect your device via USB to the system, with USB Debugg enabled. On connecting your device, root genius should automatically detect your device.

Step 4: Click on the “Root Now” button to commence the process.

If this process is successful, Root Genius will root your device and install the KingUser Application

Bear it in mind that this is one of the many ways to root an android device via a PC. As said earlier in the write up, it is essential to understand the process to follow and check the compatibility of your device before going ahead with the rooting. Also, if you have got important files on your device, backup