22/10/2020 12:01 PM AEDT

Man Versus Crocodile Battle As Fisherman Reels In Massive Saltwater Beast

Catch of the day.

Trent de With
Northern Territory fisherman Trent de With reeled in a massive saltie at Timber Creek.

Throwing a line into the Northern Territory’s Victoria River can reel in all sorts of surprises, including a massive man-eating saltwater crocodile

Trent de With was fishing at Timber Creek, west of Katherine, known for its abundance of barramundi, when he lured a monster croc. 

“Check that out,” de With, who manages Rod & Rifle TackleWorld, said as the saltie emerged from the murky water. 

“Anyone want to get that back for me?”  

The crocodile would not let go of the bright green lure as it wrestled with the line and dived deep into the water - nearly snapping the fishing rod.  

“Managed to get the lure back,” de With said. “Although it doesn’t track as straight as it used to.”

Crocodiles have been a protected species in the Northern Territory since 1971 and their number has grown to around 100,000 saltwater crocodiles, up from 3,000 some 30 years ago. 

Over the years authorities have called for a cull to help curb the growing population and giving hunters the opportunity to kill the animals would benefit Indigenous land owners. 

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