16/11/2020 11:51 AM AEDT

Karl Stefanovic's Awkward Live TV Moment After He Asks The Block Couple A Cheeky Question

The TV host had a proposition for fan favourites, Sarah and George.

Things got a little bit awkward on the ‘Today’ show on Monday morning when Karl Stefanovic posed a cheeky question to ‘The Block’ contestants Sarah and George.

The couple from NSW were on air to speak about winning Week 12 of the renovations show, when Karl put forward a certain proposition that was followed by radio silence on live TV. 

Clearly impressed by Sarah and George’s perfect score at Sunday night’s backyard room reveal, the host hinted he could be interested in buying. 

Channel 9
Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon interview Sarah and George from 'The Block'

“Price guide?” asked Karl. 

The contestants didn’t answer, so after a few cringeworthy seconds of silence, Karl tried to sweep the awkwardness under the rug by quipping, “Poker faces. I love it.”

At this point the reality stars clarified they actually hadn’t heard him, with Sarah saying, “What did you say, sorry? Sorry, I missed what you said.”

Karl’s co-host Allison then explained, “He wanted to know how much and will you do a special deal for a friend, you know like Karlos here beside me”.

Everyone shared a laugh before the interview ended, but Karl buying a property from ‘The Block’ is perhaps not such a long shot as celebrities have done it in the past. 

Comedian Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes purchased a five-bedroom Melbourne property from the Channel 9 reality show for $3.067 million in 2017. 

On Sunday night Sarah and George won a new car after receiving a perfect score of 30 points for their backyard and pool. 

Now that all of the room reveals have been done, it’s time for the highly-anticipated auctions to kick off. 

Jimmy and Tam have accumulated the most room reveal points over the season and now have the advantage of choosing the auction order. 

For the first time ever, ‘The Block’ will host virtual inspections due to COVID-19, and viewers can catch the action when these inspections air tonight at 7:30pm on 9Now. 

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