01/07/2020 3:43 PM AEST

Miranda Tapsell's Film Top End Wedding Is Now On Netflix

The Australian rom-com exploring the Northern Territory can be streamed online.

‘Top End Wedding’ was added to streaming service, Netflix on Wednesday July 1, which means those who haven’t watched the feel-good Aussie rom-com can now do so from the comfort of their lounge room.

Starring Miranda Tapsell and Gwilym Lee, the movie co-written and produced by Miranda follows a lawyer Lauren (Tapsell) who travels home to Darwin to plan a wedding with her fiancé in 10 days, only to learn her mum has skipped town. 

Her mother has gone back to the Tiwi Islands, which leads the pair to embark on a road trip to find Lauren’s mum. 

The movie takes viewers on a journey through the Northern Territory, and having grown up in Kakadu National Park, this was particularly important to Miranda. 

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Miranda Tapsell and Gwilym Lee in 'Top End Wedding'

“It [the film] speaks more accurately for the territory than I feel like Crocodile Dundee ever did,” she previously said

The proud Larrakia woman has also spoken about cultural representation on screen, emphasising the importance of being an Indigenous Australian female lead in a feature film.

“I’ve paid a lot of money to see films that have completely sidelined women like me,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle last year.

Sam Tabone via Getty Images
 Miranda Tapsell attends the Melbourne Premiere of Top End Wedding at Rivoli Cinemas on April 7, 2019 in Melbourne, Australia.

“I can tell a story through my perspective, that’s all I can do — by being honest about the way I’ve seen the world, and it hasn’t been the same as Meg Ryan’s, or Reese Witherspoon’s or Julia Roberts’.

“I wanted to see a film where young Aboriginal women could eat pizza and wear face masks and eat ice-cream and just enjoy themselves self-reflecting on the kind of women they want to be and the kind of dreams and desires they have.” 

In less than 24 hours since its Netflix release, some viewers are overjoyed that they can now stream the film online.