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Trevor Noah Gives 'Honest' Response To Bubba Wallace Noose Incident

The "Daily Show" host bared his feelings after the FBI determined that the Black NASCAR driver wasn't targeted by a hate crime.

Trevor Noah didn’t have a funny response Wednesday after the FBI determined that a noose found in the racetrack garage of Black NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace wasn’t intended as a racist attack on him. (See the video below.)

Investigators said the noose had been there since at least October ― before Wallace was using the stall at Alabama’s Talladega Superspeedway ― and that it was used to pull the garage door down.

The“Daily Show” host, who called a noose “the N-word of ropes,” just spoke from the heart about what transpired.

“I’m going to be honest with you: I’m just relieved,” Noah said. “I’m relieved.”

“Because for a story involving a noose, this is the best outcome,” he added.

Noah then asked “Daily Show” correspondent and comedian Roy Wood Jr. for his take.

Wood wasn’t as sanguine and compared a noose to excrement.

“A noose is never good news,” Wood said, adding ”If you see a turd in your kitchen, you don’t care why it was there or how long or who put the turd there. ... There’s a turd in your kitchen, and you ain’t happy about it, and you want that shit gone.”

Wood also asked, of all the knots they could have used ― and he called on his Boy Scout knowledge to name several ― why did they use a noose to close a garage door?

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