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Watching Trump Dance To YMCA Post-COVID-19 Is... Something

Meanwhile, some of the president's fans have rewritten the Village People's disco classic as "MAGA."

US President Donald Trump’s rally in Sanford, Florida, was on Monday night for his 2020 campaign. But his moves were strictly from 1977.

Trump seemed especially peppy at the rally, to the point where he told fans he was ready to kiss everyone in the audience.

The enthusiasm continued when Trump boogied down to the Village People’s hit song ‘YMCA’ Trump’s campaign frequently plays the song at his rallies ― something that doesn’t exactly thrill the 70s-era disco band.

A lot of Twitter users weren’t exactly thrilled, either.

While the president was getting down to a 43-year-old song about covert hookups at an all-male institution, some of his followers were grooving to a new Trumpist version of the ditty.

Supporters recorded revised lyrics to the Village People song over the weekend and retitled it “M-A-G-A!” according to

Here are some of the lines:

Young man. Walk away from the hate. We’re all human, and we don’t segregate. Just like women help make America great. We’re all in this together.

Our colors are red, white, and blue. They stand for every one of you. Together, here’s what we’re gonna do, We’re gonna make America great! Everybody sing ‘M-A-G-A!’

A highly edited video shows the president appearing to dance to the new version.

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