02/11/2020 2:05 PM AEDT | Updated 03/11/2020 5:05 PM AEDT

Karl Stefanovic Erupts In Laughter Over Hilarious Fail At Trump Iowa Rally: 'It Says Everything'

Make America flush again.

As US president Donald Trump continues visiting key states to win last minute votes ahead of the presidential election, not everything has gone exactly to plan at the rallies.

On Monday Australian ‘Today’ show host Karl Stefanovic couldn’t contain his giggles when learning of a fail that occurred at Trump’s rally in Dubuque, Iowa over the weekend. 

During a live cross to Channel Nine’s North America correspondent Tim Arvier, who was on the ground at the event, Stefanovic drew attention to how chilly it looked there.  

Channel 9
Today show host Karl Stefanovic and reporter Tim Arvier erupt into laughter over a hilarious fail at Trump's rally in Iowa.

“It looks cold there Tim, is it freezing?” asked the breakfast TV presenter.

“Wind chill at minus six,” responded Arvier, before revealing a very awkward situation for rally attendees that could take a while to flush out of their systems.

“The water just froze in the porta loos this morning so they’re having trouble with the toilets,” he said. 

Stefanovic immediately burst into laughter before eventually composing himself enough to quip, “It says everything”. 

“Loving life,” Arvier replied, before ‘Today’ host Allison Langdon concluded what we’d all be thinking, “That’s uncomfortable, isn’t it?”

Watch the video below: 

It’s not long now till Election Day, which will be on Tuesday November 3 in the US, though this falls on Wednesday November 4 in Australia.

While polls in some states will open during what will be November 3 in Australia, they will all close on November 4 by the afternoon AEDT. 

In 2016 the result of the US Presidential Election was announced by The Associated Press news agency at 2:30am ET which was early evening AEDT.

However, it’s possible in 2020 we won’t know who won on the day. Since millions of people have voted by mail, constraints on time and resources could slow ballot counting into potentially a weeks-long process. 

The final result and the winner of the presidential election will be decided when all of the validly cast votes are counted ― whether that takes hours, days or weeks. 

More information about how to follow the US election in Australia is here

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