17/06/2020 8:29 AM AEST

‘So True!’ Trump Mocked For Retweeting Himself, Then Agreeing With Himself

Twitter users unleash the snark after Trump agrees with his own retweet.

President Donald Trump fired off an unusual tweet on Monday, not only sharing a message from himself but also agreeing with it. 

“Silent majority” is a term that Trump ― like President Richard Nixon ― uses to characterise his supporters, suggesting they don’t show up in polls but will turn up at the ballot box. 

Trump’s message ― and his agreement with himself ― came after several polls showed him trailing former Vice President Joe Biden. Trump’s campaign even issued a cease-and-desist order to CNN over a poll that showed the president behind by 14 points.

CNN stood by its poll.   

Trump occasionally retweets himself, and at times adds a “so true” in self-agreement. But Monday evening’s message brought out the snark, with many of his critics adding “so true” statements of their own: